​​80/20 NEIPA:  NEIPA brewed with citra and mosaic hops. Soft and tropical. (6.0% ABV)

Beer Flavored Beer:  German Style Leichtbier.  (4.3% ABV)

Browne Ale:  Malty with notes of chocolate, caramel and toasted grains. (5.4% ABV)

Cider: A straightforward dry, hard cider with no frills. (6.5% ABV)

Dry Irish Stout:  Lighter bodied stout, creamy with bittersweet chocolate/coffee aroma. (4.5% ABV)

Hefeweizen:  Pale, cloudy German style wheat beer.  Flavors and aromas of banana and clove. (5.7% ABV)

Helles:  Pale, gold lager.  Moderately malty, low bitterness with a soft, dry finish. (5.1% ABV)​

Honey Kölsch:  Traditional German style ale brewed with honey. (5.6% ABV))

Irish Red:  Traditional Irish Ale brewed that we brewed for St. Patrick’s Day. Malty with very low bitterness. (5.25% ABV)

Make America Mango Again:  American wheat beer with a clean yeast profile. Conditioned on mangos. (5.25% ABV)

Mead:  Session Mead with honey. (7.9% ABV)​​​​​​

Newporter:  American Porter. Silky and smooth with subtle roast and notes of chocolate and dark fruit. (6.0% ABV)

​​Upcoming Brews:​​

Oatmeal Stout:  Classic stout brewed with oats. Roast and dark chocolate flavors. Silky smooth mouthfeel. Served on nitro. (5.9% ABV)


at the Barn


​​​​​​ River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery rarely has the same beer menu from week to week.  Our Brewer likes to offer new flavors to satisfy everyone’s craving.  Hoppy, Sour, Dark, Sweet, Light...we’ve got a little of everything! River Bend’s ever changing beer menu is one of the things that makes us special.  In addition to our craft beer, we make our own homemade sodas and make a variety of mixed drinks using Pennsylvania distilled spirits.

All beverage varieties & prices are subject to change without notice. 

32 oz crowlers are available for purchase as 

well as growlers &  growler fills.

Prices may vary depending on the brew.